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Stryker Training Area Building A-5016

Project/Contract Title: #1177 - Stryker Training Area Building A-5016, Contract # WR# CS-Q617S-5J
POC: DIP. P.M. Bruce Erdner (410) 278-4506
Project Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen Md.
Contract Value: $90,287.97
Completion Date: 31 Oct. 2005
Project Engineer: John Jones
Project Description: This project was to convert Room S-4 into a DTT/45 computer room and to convert a portion of the High Bay area into an RWS Hands on Trainer (HOT). This conversion called for the installation of a raised computer floor in room S-4 to facilitate the installation of the computer systems and the installation of the necessary electrical power supplies and devices to support these training devices. Furnished & installed electrostatic discharge protection system in both the classroom and the hands on trainer area.
NAICS Codes: 236220 - Commercial & Institutional Building Construction

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